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I don't have views in my gig

i don’t know what is happening guys .please help me . i complete 3 orders with 5* rating all was good … my impression was 1.4k suddenly my impression getting low !! and now it came into only 200 and all thing getting low . please told me how can i fix it !! i was so active in fiverr but don’t understand what is happening !!

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It is the way fiverr works. There is an ebb and flow for everyone, even TRS and Pros.

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but i do my best for get client !! but in this way fiverr work then what to do !! how can i success !!

The only thing to do is to be patient. Wait for the ebb to be over and for the flow to begin. When it is a slow time, I make a new gig or improve my profile and gigs that are not doing as well as the others. I also enjoy my time off by doing things I enjoy.

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ohh good thinking i will do what same thing !!

That does not matter by nature it ups and downs .So focus on you job to complete very well and in timely manner.


i always deliver quality work you can check my profile !! but some how my gig impression geeing low !!

@designbuzz96 Hello Dear, You know i have a same question But i don’t get upset . Do the best. Focus on your Job. You will get new order very recently.

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thanks for your support but i feel so much worry for my gig impression cause impression matter for get new orders !!

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Best of luck dear, you will get order. But one thing add i will try More active on fiverr. So you will do the same way.

It always fluctuated. First, your gig impression growing for some time because Fiverr personally promotes new gig but after some time its totally depends on gig response.

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