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I don't just do gagtoons!

Look, I’m grateful for all the buyers of my gag cartoon gig, but I do other things, too. I can draw you caricatures of celebs and loved ones alike, and I can humorously illustrate books. How do I best get the word out for these gigs?

Just make another gig. It’s not that hard.

I already made those gigs. What I want to do is promote them so buyers know I do caricatures and book illustrations, too.

So what’s the issue? A lack of sales indicates no market or crappy marketing. You already know this, so what gives?

I have some gigs that are popular, I also have a few gigs where I can’t get any orders
at all. And yes, I have promoted them many times. I guess it’s just not in demand for now,
and maybe the same thing is happening with you.
Hopefully someone will show interest in the near future. In the meantime, I’d just be grateful that I have the other gigs that are selling!