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I don't know about forum and improve my gig

I am basar. I am new seller on fiver and in this community. I am expert in web design and development. But i cannot improve my gig. I don’t get any project to prove myself. How can get a project to prove myself? Give me good idea to proof myself.

See my gig and give me suggestion.
Thank you in advance.


These are my suggestions:

Gig: I will design, redesign, customise and develop wordpress website
In the gig description:
“Fon-end:” could be “Front-end:”
“Boothstrap.” could be “Bootstrap”

In the profile:
“I am expertise in SEO,” could be “I am an expert in SEO,”
“that gives me a change to satisfing you.” could be “that gives me a chance to satisfy you.”


If you ask me the main problem in your gig is related key word!
These are the most important thing for gig ranking…

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Just keep it up. One day you will realize everything.


Yes there is a chance your rank could change after editing the gig. It could go up or down.

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What should i do now?

Since the errors in the gig aren’t that serious you could wait until your gig rank is quite a lot lower before fixing them if you wanted.

Maybe you could just change the profile description for now.

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Thank you , thank you, My prayer is for you to go up and up. Thank you.

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