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I dont know confused or Trajedy

A Client gave an order I delivered. He just vanished without any rating or feedback.
He has ordered another similar work now, I don’t want to work in case if he is not going give a rating.
what should I Do…???
I even can’t ask for rating

There are many clients who ignore rating feature of Fiverr. You don’t need to worry about it. If the client has provided you with necessary information to complete the order than start working and deliver the order.


If you cancel the order, you’ll harm your stats and could potentially harm your ranking.

Why not do the work and get paid? Isn’t that ultimately why you’re on Fiverr, to earn money?


It’s up to the Buyer whether they want to leave feedback or not. We are not entitled to it. There are many buyers who do not leave feedback for personal reasons and that’s none of our business.

Congrats on a repeat buyer though.


Buyers don’t owe you a rating. They only owe you to pay you for your work.

Do the work and deliver the order.


Don’t worry about rating. Repeat buyer is a blessing. He came back just because he loved your work. So keeping giving him your best service. You don’t have to wait for rating.
May be he will do it when he will feel it’s nessecity :slight_smile:


Then you aren’t going to succeed on Fiverr. No one gets ratings for 100% of orders.

It’s not a tragedy and no buyer owes you a rating. It isn’t going to help you to be so entitled and dramatic.