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I don't know how I can compete?

I own a web design business, and in the outside world, you aren’t going to find a web designer for less than what I charge. Dirt cheap. And yet it has backfired on me. Nobody buys from me because they think cheap price means cheap work.

So I thought I’d try freelancing on Fiverr. Now my “dirt cheap” prices are outrageous compared to others. I’m just at a total loss for how somebody can build a website for $35. And they have a 5 star rating. I simply can’t compete.

I do see web designers who charge a higher rate than me, but they have hundreds of reviews. I can respect working your way up the ranks and charging more and more with each upward move, but I just can’t spend a week building a website and only getting paid $35 for it.

I can also understand people in different parts of the world with different economies charging what is considered reasonable for their country. Maybe that is where I’m going wrong. Maybe Fiverr is just the wrong place for me. I’m not trying to make a living at it. But I can’t imagine anybody is going to purchase my services if I continue to offer my prices. And I can’t economically bring them down.

Please tell me, how do others do it? I’d like to know, so I can do it too. There must be a way, you are all doing it. I want to do it too.

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Many new sellers on Fiverr get their first reviews by working for very little to build a reputation. Prices are increased very slowly with this strategy. It’s one option if you want to use Fiverr as source of income. There are others who bring some of their own clients to Fiverr instead and build up that way.


Hi, I am a graphic designer and I am also new to Fiverr. I got two order in 1 week and I am slowly building my trust by charging only $5 dollars for 100$ worth of designs. I think I have to start it slowly and think about the long term. I think it will be worth it in a long run.