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I don't know how this site works

I bought a gig and dont know how this site works i am so lost can someone please explain to me how this site works.

More or less no one can do what you’ve asked. Because “this site” had a few different kinds of people on it. However, I’d recommend to get familiar with it, you pick some topic you like, put it in the search box, look at a number of the gigs that come up, and jump in and buy something.

Even if you ultimately want to be a seller, being a buyer first will help you when you hold yourself out in the marketplace where you will be held to a higher standard of understanding of the site.

If you have a business, you’re welcomed to buy any of my gigs by pressing my name AnarchoFighter at the top of this message and you’ll be taken to my gig page. If you’re not into business, I suggest using the search box at


If you ‘bought a gig’ and don’t know what to do.

Start by clicking on the SHOPPING link in the upper nav area. There you have access to all your purchases. Click on any ‘active’ buys, enter any required info and wait for your delivery.

Good luck!

I recommend reading the how-to articles on Those may help you get more used to the site and navigate it more easily.

Reply to @madmoo: Thanks, Madmoo! I thought the text might become a link automatically, but it didn’t work out that way. :slight_smile: