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I don't know how to do this! Help

A customer is asking me for a job of approximately 300 images in a Gig where the Premium package only offers 30 images but is willing to pay more for this work, but my question is: Can a customer make a custom order without it coming from a buyer’s request?


Did he place the order or is he asking you for a customized offer?

No, by private message we’re negotiating the price, he hasn’t ordered yet. I want to know how the customer can place a custom order


Yes, the customer can send you a custom order without it coming from a buyer’s request. When they do place the custom order, the custom order box will have a green “create an offer” button inside it. Then, you can respond back by clicking on that button to create your custom offer and sending it to them.

Alternatively, if you already know the client’s requirements, turnaround time, and budget (only if applicable), you can initiate by sending them a custom offer (from your inbox) where you can quote your price for the 300 images (can be any amount, doesn’t need to match your gig price) and once they accept it (if they do), your order will start.

Wishing you the best!

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Thank you very much! I thought you were more difficult, I didn’t really pay attention to the inbox offers, I’ll send the customer an offer once we agree on the price. :grin:

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No, you are the one that has to make a customized offer (create an offer) after you both have talked and the buyer has given you all his requirements.

Please do as @hanshuber16 explained.