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I don't know how to make people know my gig

I’m new in Fiverr. My friend advised me to open a service on Fiverr. Previously I made illustration designs and marketed them on Instagram. It’s different, now i’m confused how to get impression and order. I have promoted my gig to my friends and Instagram followers, but until now there has been no improvement. Maybe I made a mistake in making a gig. I need your suggest. Thankyou, have a good day.

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Use the search bar above to search for the many answered questions on this subject here on the forum - I particularly recommend the series “UPYOUR”, which I found most helpful.

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Thanks for your answer

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FYI. I just searched to find your profile on Fiverr to see your Gigs but “galgaril” doesn’t show. If others also cannot see you, then something might be wrong and maybe you need to contact customer support.

May 13, 2020