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I don't know how to make the first sale

I posted a gig for some time and I didn’t find anyone interested. This is:
Maybe you have any idea how I can fix this.
Thanks for your time.

I really don’t like to be blunt, but I’ll still try to be honest.
I’m not sure you can fix it: You might be better off building a new gig from scratch. Primarily because you used (gd-hfgh-fghfhh-fghfg) when you first made it, and that became the URL.
Your first gig image is fuzzy, the second has no details, and the third looks like a photograph which doesn’t sample your skill since you’re clear in the description that you don’t do extreme details.
You also used the PDF option to sneak in a URL that’s against the TOS.
Your package description isn’t, and your gig description isn’t much better. You’re aim is all over the place as there is no focused ‘I will do X’.
The FAQs look like they’re suppose to be order requirements.
You’re using a profile picture that isn’t professional, and your tagline “I want to evolve” reflects that. The profile description, when combined with the rest, only shows that you’ve not done much research and don’t have a plan. The skills you’ve listed are also all over the place.


I don’t think this is completely unsalvageable. (Forewarning: It will take a LOT of work to repair it.) You state that you’re in university now, which should offer a slew of resources. Is this where you’re also learning English? Resource! Does the campus offer career services? Resume proofreading? Resource! Is there a library, that grants enrolled students online access to business magazines and newsletters that are usually to subscription only? Resource!

After the worst of the panic is over and people can gather without causing more panic: Might there be a few students who are interested in photography with whom you could trade some service in exchange for a semi-professional portrait? Resource!

And online here in Fiverr: Check the Tips for Sellers category for hundreds of threads all offering their bits of advice.

Now I see that I made many mistakes. Thank you for your realistic advice.