I don't know if my fiver ad is working?!


I typed my name in the search bar and nothing came up?


You cannot search your username as far as I know. Fiverr lets you search for services (words from possible gig titles), but not usernames.

NOTE: If you really/badly want to search your username and see yourself, try using Google, typing something like the following: “username site:fiverr.com” :wink:


The search bar is designed to find gigs, as that’s what most people use it for; therefore, by default it will show services.

You can find any username by typing in portion or the entire thing. Do one of the following two:

  1. A dropdown menu will appear right below the search bar. Click “Search Usernames Containing” (This will find all usernames containing what you typed)

  2. Just hit enter. A page with “Didn’t find results” will pop up. Look towards the bottom, right below the green Get free Quotes there us a tiny blue “Search Username Containing” - click that.

If that person exist in 5r, it will come up.


Holy shoot - I never saw that small link before! Well, maybe that’s why it’s so small :smiley:

Thanks for the awesome find, Gina! (although I don’t think I’d ever use it)