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I dont know what is this happening

Is this the first time you’re withdrawing? And are you using PayPal or Payoneer?


I am using paypal
I please answer

what do you want to know? Why you just upload an image without any question?

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I dont know why it is happening
I am clicking on paypal then all conformation i do full process done
Then all money is deducted from my account then on my email i get message of withdrawal successful after few minutes i get back that money
I dont know what and why this is happening

Seems to be some communication issue between Fiverr and Paypal. Try contacting CS as this may need to be fixed from their side.

Hi, I think it’s best you contact Customer Support! It seems to be a technical issue that only they can look into. I hope things get sorted as soon as possible! :slight_smile:

i got same issue… then i cleared browser cache… then it worked…

This happens with unverified PayPal accounts. Check your PayPal account and see if they have any requirements.