I dont know what is wrong with fiverr there ain't any buyers for close to 2 months now have not make any sales what is really wrong


i dont know what is wrong with fiverr there ain’t any buyers for close to 2 months now have not make any sales what is really wrong…i have done all manner of gig promotion and traffic and i even have at least 40k views and 24k click,yet i dont have any sales for about two months…my niche is also very hot on fiverr i offer seo and articles and blog posting and i also what to include graphics but am not being encourage because of the lack of sales…please i will like to know what is wrong with fiverr.



Your gig images, your description and questions & answers are a little bit boring. The gig images are too simple and they are single. Adding a video will be much better! Buyers really love watching videos rather only images!

You will need to find out how to and where to promote. You can use the Buyer Requests section to search for work and find a client. When you reach level one, (it’s given when you complete 10 orders and have more than %100 response rate) the orders will become more often. Once a week maybe. And once you reach level two, you will have not a day without work! :slight_smile: But there are always exceptions.

A tip: never put it low cost. Buyers think that you can’t do it well and that’s why you have low cost. This may help. You can just increase the cost to the maximum you think it will be good. After my start, I had not much work and I decided to increase from $5.00 - $25.00 to $20.00 - $60.00. I got even more orders! See! Buyers like to see high prices!

Make your price higher! Let’s see what Dicobot thinks (he is a bot and doesn’t really know what happens, sends a random reply), — @discobot fortune — :wink:

Congrats and best wishes!


:crystal_ball: Cannot predict now


Ijust posted the same question is empty there are only buyer 3 request and those have 2.000 proposals CRAZY ?! Is it just us? I feel the “promote yourself” response is STUPID, fiver supposed to do that that is the service they provide the promotion tools, that the % of earnings for, if I had to promote this website I would promote mine instead LOL say “hey promote fiver” IS SO STUPID why would we had to promote our manager the managers are meant to promote the artist not the oposite


I don’t know what is wrong with Fiverr, but I can say that your articles/blog posts gig needs some grammatical work. There are some strange punctuations and grammar issues that could be fixed.

When I’m not getting orders I always tend to self-reflect and tweak my gigs to see what works. But that’s just me.


You may find the advice here helpful:


The wording for the Gig description for your ‘I will write or rewrite seo friendly article’ does not make a whole lot of sense to me… but that may be just me.

I should also mention that a Privacy Policy and an ‘About Us’ page are not the same thing. You may want to change that.