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I don't know what to do now. Nothing is working

I have been working on fiverr for a long time. In my journey, I am humbled to work with many great buyers, and some not so great ones. But, this time it is very different.

My average selling price for a WordPress website is $150. I use genesis framework and build custom child themes for my clients. Sometimes, I use premium parent themes and build my own custom child theme to suit my buyer’s requirements.

More than 15 buyers contacted me to design their website. They didn’t agree on my rates but eventually agreed to work with me after they realized that most sellers on fiverr sell web design related gigs for more than $180.

But as soon as I submit the order for review, they started sending me new things. They wanted new features that was not mentioned and they wanted to add more content but they didn’t have the content so I have to wait till they get the content ready. Now, to make me wait, they kept on requesting modifications. The webdesign was complete. The website was developed and deployed as promised. But still they kept on requesting modifications.

Eventually, I got frustrated and mutually cancelled more than 4 orders. Because in some cases, sellers thought they own me after they place the order and they can ask for whatever they want…, and in other cases, the seller didn’t provide me with correct login credentials to either their Cpanel or the wordpress admin panel itself.

I don’t know if you face the same problems but for me it is really frustrating and I am thinking of leaving fiverr because of this reason. I am fed by people trying to rip me off even after we agree to some arrangement in the initial conversation.

What do you think?

Please leave your thoughts on the same.

If you did the work you said you would do, then there’s no reason to agree to cancel the order.
If you’re having a problem with someone who’s asking for more than what they paid for, I suggest you contact Customer Support.

Sorry about your misfortunate experiences, but indeed, @itsysko is right - definitely, no need to cancel if you have delivered what was agreed upon either in an inbox exchange or in the order requirements. I understand this could have been done due to fear of the buyer leaving a 1star review or escalating it to the CS but if you can support your part of work with proof of what has been agreed on is what has been delivered, it would be most likely that CS would take your side and issue the money to you and/or remove any unfair feedback.They have all been very supportive to me, and imagine I was a total newbie back then!
Seller emmaki (@emmaki) if I am not mistaken has written an exceptional piece of advice on how and why us sellers, must not issue refunds in similar cases and avoid offering free work.The thread is pretty recent but unfortunately I don’t have the time to search for a link now. It’s worth the time looking it up, there are great insights and advice there.
I wish you best of luck :slight_smile:

Forgot to mention, what I do to minimise the chances a client and I aren’t on the same page, when it comes to them asking for extra work from me during placing an order or after delivery is to add a kind of disclaimer that the client needs to click on (I made it mandatory). Something along the lines :“I have read the gig description carefully as well as the uploaded Tos (these are mine, my policies, refunds, what I do and what I don’t) and I agree to receive a what what what according to my purchased package. I also understand that I cannot raise requests pertaining to add-ons that weren’t agreed between me (the buyer) and seller at any point of the order proccess”

Something like that would work. Before I made use of such a disclaimer I had (a few, but still) clients asking me for additional questions, extension of readings, priority handling…without compensating me of course! Try this, it worked for me and I believe it will help you too

Thanks a lot for this input.

Thanks a lot for the advice

Bad things happen that can really hurt but you shouldn’t leave Fiverr. Keep struggling and never lose hope :slight_smile: Be optimistic and Pray a lot!
Good Luck

Thanks a lot :slight_smile: :slight_smile: