I don't know what to do


Hi there,

i need your help guys as about 10 days ago a buyer directly ordered on my gig and he wasn’t have the necessary things to get started with his project when i asked him he simply said that he doesn’t have this and said that to cancel the order i extended the delivery time now the extended time is over what should i do know please help me i have attached the screen shot


You don’t need to to anything. Wait it out, see what happens. It’s not a big deal.


are you sure that this will not affect my account in any way?


Not really. There’s nothing you can do, anyway.


As long as the client is cool with it, or there’s a reason for the order being late, there’s no problem.


ok then Thank you very much for your reply


No problem! :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:




I may have misunderstood, but if your buyer said to cancel the order, you can do that from the order page - top right hand side, and use the order resolution centre, then ask for a mutual cancellation.

Good luck! :sunny:


thank you very much #offlinehelpers :slightly_smiling_face: for your kind interest i extended delivery time using this tool