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I don't know what to do!

Hello everyone!
12 hours ago, a notification popped up in my phone saying that someone had ordered my gig and I was so happy. So when I came to check the order in my laptop, the buyer hasn’t filled the requirements tab. I sent him a reminder and yet no response.

So will the order be cancelled automatically if the buyer doesn’t fill the requirements tab in the remaining 12 hours, and will It have a bad impact on my profile?

Thank you!

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you can set it up so that the clock doesn’t start ticking until the requirements are filled out. something about setting it so that the requirements field requires an answer. why this isn’t the default heaven knows but there it is

for now, my suggestion would be to either request more time, or to deliver something vaguely relevant and let the buyer send their requirements via a revision (and of course make it clear that this is what you’re doing). i personally don’t see a problem with that as they haven’t sent requirements so all that is in scope is whatever the gig is

i may be wrong

Yeah, I know that the clock won’t start ticking till the requirements tab is filled, but it shows that it is due on 11 hours.

It’s night time for the buyer right now, so I’ll wait till it’s working hours for the buyer and see if he responds to my messages. If he doesn’t respond, I’ll deliver something relevant and do what you told me.

Thanks @tiakovolana

i know that there’s a bug that will cause an order to show as late, even if it’s in revision or whatever. so it could be that. hopefully someone with more knowledge will comment by the morning too. other then that sweet dreams and good lemur luck

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Thanks for your suggestions @tiakovolana, Sweet Dreams!
P.S (It’s actually 10 in the morning here :joy:)