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I don't know what to talk about

I don’t know what to say. I have already made several posts just to trick the algorithm and get more recognition in this page (for my gigs). If you wanna talk on some topic and take adventage of this feature, here I am.


I’m sorry it doesn’t work like that.


This forum and your gig productivity has zero relation. Being on the forum will not get you more orders, the only thing it will get you is more knowledge. Knowledge is key if you want to be a successful freelancer.


Who told you to do that?

That’s false. What you do on this forum won’t bring you any sales or rank your gigs any differently.


Nothing surprises me anymore. The forums are getting trashed and nobody does anything about it.


We need to do better for sure.

Let’s see if we can make some changes.

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This is a joke, right? Please tell me you’re being ironic?

Forum Tweaking (over posting/activity) Does not help on-sell !!!
Users may get flags for doing over forum activity, and flags may harm to your profile.

We are working on it, so soon we will experience something new.


That sounds great.

My sarcasm is already giving way to anger and somehow it’s not fun anymore.


Now, that is something to talk about!

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You don’t need to be sarcastic or mock at me just for something like this, and this is addressed to several people more.
Aside from that, the one that told me this is someone with knowledge about internet, programation and algorithms, not a fool.

I can see your gig image is from Getty Images. Not only are you smart but you’re professional too :wink:

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Two Fiverr forum moderators told you that you were wrong.


Idiots with degrees are ten a penny these days. As a rule, most people who like to remind people of their qualifications struggle to do anything that doesn’t involve posting on Twitter. In this case, be careful who you take advice from. :wink:

Anyway, since it is fine to talk about anything on this thread, I would personally like to talk about the menace that is illegal aliens. - The interplanetary kind.

I for one am not okay with them showing up whenever they want to mutilate our livestock and abduct people. That’s just me, though. The big question is, how does everyone else feel?


I don’t mind them taking livestock when needed. What I dislike most is how they are currently terraforming the Earth so it’s living conditions resemble their home planet. Once they get finished the invasion will start.

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If you can explain why that’s something bad (also send evidence) and explain why you gotta be so disrespectful, I will admit you’re right.