I don't know what's going on with fiverr


Hey, it’s very interesting thing. When I click on message, notification it’s showing me another users messages / notifications. But, I can’t access them. I can only read them. What was that? Have anyone facing this like me?


Same thing happening here, I just got in touch with Fiverr Support Team so hopefully the problem will be resolved soon :slight_smile:


same thing happening to me.


same thing happened with me , I do not know what was that


Yes, same here, it’s showing notification and messages from other users


It seems all the messages of peace come to me …:wink:


Yes Same here show all other account msg on my inbox ???


This website is so ****ed up, … I can’t believe this. It’s either down or this …

Do you TEST your code before you go life!? lol. Just a thought!

Or is it beeing hacked :smiley: ? …
I like my personal data all over the web. Thank you fiverr :slight_smile: !


Same thing happening to me right now. Really really weird.


Yes, same thing…


Same thing!!


Thought I was going loony. Lol


Same here. Who pressed the wrong button???


yes, same here.


Happening for me as well :frowning:




Sounds like Fiverr might have made a big night of it last night.

If this happens, I’d just report the matter asap and hold tight. Also, since this seems to be affecting a few users, don’t worry if CS doesn’t get back to you straight away. They will eventually but will probably be receiving quite a few tickets already.


Same here too!!!


Fortunately we can’t access them. Otherwise, it could be a historical day. :stuck_out_tongue:


The most amusing thing is:
I see messages from other people … so, do other people see my messages, too :slight_smile: ? HAHA XD.