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I don't know what's wrong with buyer 🙆

Hello guys,

Time is ticking.3hours remain for delivery.:clock830:
I don’t know, wht’s wrong with my client? he is coming online & going offline but not responding me. My work is done & asked to check but, no response! Don’t know even, he is checking my msg or not. :thinking:
Should I delivery to him or wait? I’m so confused in this situation. what to do?


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I don’t understand why you haven’t delivered the work if the work is done


Just deliver work, order automatically marked as completed in 3 days.

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Of course deliver it.


Thanks all.
As a new seller, I don’t know many things!
You guys are so helpful and nice!
I am so glad to using forum & being with u guys.
love for all…:heart::heart::heart::heart:

You can’t be always dependent on hearing from the buyer to approve something you did. That is a recipe for disaster. Just do it and deliver it.

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You should deliver your gig on time and wait for the buyer response, don’t stress yourself.

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Well, In my previous work, my client was chating with me when I asked for delivery & check work. He checked & said me, all is perfect, u can delivery now, then I delivered my work.
This time,Heppening something else 🙆 so I was bit confused.

I’ve done with my delivery :slightly_smiling_face:
now, waiting for his response or it might be accept after 3days automatically.

I agree that you should try not to worry about it if possible. He may or may not contact you. Either way it will be ok. Things are going to be ok.