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I dont know where is my money

I’ve tried to withdrawal my money from fiver Account, in Bank Transfer, and its says its withdrawn, but i can’t find it in AND Co, or Payoneer, or my bank account, or in Fiverr…


When did you withdraw? It can take a day or two to show up in your bank account. It’s not instant.


I’ve withdrawn 3 days ago, and i still can’t see it anywhere tho…

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Did you contact payoner?

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Is it Payoneer you use? Do you have to go to a credit or debit card from Payoneer?

Did you get a notice from fiverr that your withdrawal was successful?

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Yes, i am Payoneer user, and in Fiverr says “Withdrawal Successful”

You have to withdraw your money from payoneer to your bank.

Yes, but my money isn’t on Payoneer

Is this the first time you have used Payoneer for a withdrawal?

Did you sign up at Payoneer to have the money go from Payoneer to a bank account?

Contact Payoneer and ask them where it is.

Contact fiverr support and tell them your earnings are missing, they will solve the problem.

you have to contact on support.

Okay, i am trying to contact online support

I would contact Payoneer in addition to Fiverr support. Fiverr support will probably direct you to Payoneer anyway.

You might also want to double check and make sure your bank information is correct.

I’ve contacted the support and Fiverr was transfering my money to the wrong account, but now is fixed, thank you all

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Wow!!! That’s alarming, things like this happen on fiverr.