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I dont know where to start

i worked little jobs as web search and as customer service at vodafone arabic language
and i tried programming it was boring now i really don’t know where to start i don’t even know my passion


You can try to understand programming. do not try to Memorize it. programming is not a boring job. you can try to learn HTML CSS at first.

i tried many times it is not interested at all do u have other suggestion

Important Tip: Only offer services you can actually do, NOT what you think you can do.


Not knowing your passion is a concerning thing. It makes you feel lost. Chances are you have/had a passion but stopped using it.

Anyone with a bit of sense should see my passions. Sure music is obvious seeing I do it. But my passions also lie in understanding how things work - as well as in trying to pass that understanding to others. I feel excited writing this.

I get excited about almost everything that passes. I am not looking at the surface but at what the patterns are. That makes politics, why shells are shell shaped, and the business logic for a database that solves a real problem equally interesting to me.

Try to understand why you stopped using your passion - it is easy to do. Instead of looking for it like it is an external thing, look inside and find passion in things that pass by. The way you get excited and the way you put puzzle pieces together is your thing. That may be able to be equally expressed in creating useful programs or baking biscuits. Mmmm biscuits.


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thank you for ur beautiful words the only things i got a real passion about it solving problems and helping people

Ok great so how can you find a way to distil that down into something tangible that people will pay for whether here on Fiverr or in your town?

That could be in designing apps that make people’s lives better (without making them feel like they are trapped in Excel on Win 3.1), fixing cars, making furniture, a better mousetrap…

Let the opportunity find you.


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Not knowing passion cannot help you anyway.
You can do one thing. Visit fiverr thoroughly and see the categories of services. See, what sellers are offering in those fields. Then make research on every skills and think what you can do the best. Spend much time on learning and gather your skills. You have to work hard and should be an expert on whatever you offer. Do not open gigs unless you become a master on your field.

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Sounds like a good VA (Virtual Assistant) to me.

The task is never too tough and can be performed online or over the phone. But it’s either not something everyone can do! You need to be super proficient and punctual. Better Google and learn as much as you before posting a gig around it…

Also, not all VAs are created equal. You can niche down in that field as well.

Disclaimer: It’s a suggestion only. Implement at your own risk.

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