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I don't know why but fiverr denied my gig for the first time :( And I really don't know what to do

I really do not understand why it got denied really. It says general TOS violations, and I do not think I made any of those. What should I do? Any help would be really really appreciated. Thank you so much!

My gig related to universities and colleges essay proofreading, I attached two photos of my internship experiences at an ivy admissions office. The only plausible thing (perhaps??) I can think of is that I mentioned harvard, penn, brown, and yale in the description - is that a violation? I am really out of answers at the moment and not being a very adept fiverr user, I really do not know at all how to approach this. I am not able to modify the gig as well even though it says:

General TOS Violations - Your gig requires modifications

Please tell me what I should do :frowning:

If you don’t see why that breaches the ToS, you need to read them again.


Here is your answer. And you obviously didn’t read fiverr TOS.

You are not allowed to help with any kind of essays or homework on fiverr.

I suggest for you to read fiverr TOS

Instead of thinking you could just go through the rules. (That you signed and agreed for)


No but it’s not homework or an assignment or anything of that sort. It’s college applications, you know the prompts and stuff you need to fill out as part of your college admissions applications. And it’s not even actually writing anything, it’s just proofreading.

And there are multiple gigs that are performing really well in the exact same industry that even offer writing services for such essays (gigs are published by pro and top rated sellers as well as absolute newbies). I really fail to see why this specifically got denied even if it isn’t exactly completely fine as you guys say?

Yes, and that’s not allowed.

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I guess that’s fair enough and I hadn’t realized. Thank you so much for your help and insight!