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I don't know why i'm not getting consistent Orders, Can somebody please help?

AOA Fiverr Forum,
Hope you are all doing well. Please can somebody tell me why i’m not having consistency in Orders, Usually after an order i’ve to wait for almost one or two weeks or even a month for the next inquiry. I don’t understand why is that. Because i’ve heard that once a gig gets going it will get consistency, But i’m not having it. Gig links are here:

I’ll be thankful for your help.


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We can’t completely say he know nothing about ranking, because the way Fiverr algorithm, SEO and ranking works differs from Google SEO… A true Professional and certified Google SEO and Ranking might look unprofessional when it comes to Fiverr algorithm,SEO and ranking. @arnukas


Well @arnukas Thanks for you kind words, I really appreciate that you are taking part in Fiverr Forum and helping other sellers, and Yes i’m a Google Skillshop SEO Partner with 6 years SEO experience.
As you can see on my profile i recently joined Fiverr and its algorithm is a little different from search engines, Every platform has a different algorithm.
I did’t say that also i’m not getting any orders, I’m a level one seller now within short time that means my gigs are ranking, Just read my post carefully and try to understand the problem,
The second thing what if that profile is not for SEO what if somebody is asking the same question with having graphic designing profile.
I thought there are professionals on Fiverr Forum but your answer made me think of that Mr @arnukas

Enjoy your day

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