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I don't know why my gig impression,click and view decreasing day by day


hy everybody i hope you are well,what you guess my gig impression is decreasing day by day…
and no new order from 1 week or more…what will i do ?here any issue with my account?


Hi, There’s nothing wrong with your account.
You have an awesome start. :smiley:
Sales increase and decrease randomly.
And decreasing impression/views/clicks is normal too.
Be patient, it will rise again. :slight_smile:


thanks for your comments.i rellay appreciate your comments…:slight_smile:


Don’t worry.It’s normal.It will increase again.You can publish your gig in your social network in order to get more traffic.Hope it will work.


hy N4Y33M can you tell m please how did you know i had an awesome stsrt ? friendly asking:smiley:


thanks jabed_92.i am sharing as normally as before and its working before but i am doing same as but no increasing


Member since February 2017 and have 40+ review.
You can feel proud for that instead of complaining…


oh…yes.thanks again


one more thing my gig sign is now red color its decreasing all ,is it harmful to my profile to regain again?


Nope, it’s normal. :slight_smile:
Promote your gig, it will become green again!


ok…i will thanks…:slight_smile: