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I don't know why my gigs aren't you making sales


Been over 2 weeks I opened the my account now and I have done all necessary to things yet I have gotten a only 1 order. I know I have the skills and experience, but things aren’t you working out for me.


ok @dianna02
First off: Your Favorite Business Client doesn’t work for me. I’d change that to tell more about what you’re able to do for buyers. Be Confident and don’t waste words.

Secondly, for someone who claims to have a Masters degree in business, you have a lot of strange capitalizations and grammar issues that need cleaning up.

Lastly, your photo isn’t of you it’s of AJ Cook so that’s a bit of copyright infringement that doesn’t make buyers really think you’re sincere or trustworthy. You also show yourself to be in the USA but your local time stamp isn’t a time zone in the USA.


I think everyone’s been having that problem lately, whether it’s a newbie (like you and I) or more experienced Fiverr users. I think you should just be patient, or try using buyer’s requests.


Thank you for the words of advice encouragement


At least 3 other sellers (who have spent more time on Fiverr than you) are using the same gig description as you do in your resume writing gig.

Use your own photo, write your own gig descriptions, don’t copy others, be honest about your skills, experience, and country of residence, and offer only things you’re good at. That way, you’ll be far more likely to get sales. Good luck!