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I don't like Fiverr File Uploading Process? It's too Slow!

Hello there,
I think everyone have noticed the Fiverr Delivery file uploading process is too slow. It’s good for uploading files under 50 MB. But for large size Files, it takes more time and some time due to connection drop the file upload become fail. And then you have to start it from the beginning.

What do you think it need improvement or not?


Connection dropping is your problem .Other sellers are using this system … If really they need to update/improve their website then they will do that. Even they are updated their website and updating … So they know better how they can make their website easy and smooth for the users…


I’m afraid your internet might need an improvement :woman_shrugging:

My file uploading works just fine even with very large files it’s pleading it within a second (maximum 2 seconds)


If your connection drop then your internet service provider should be the issue, I use fiver upload system with no problems at all.


you can use dropbox file upload and share the link I think your internet service provider issue

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Check your ISP upload speed.

Check your uploading speed.Using speedtest.

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fiverr website is 100% ok and smooth, i have no problem on uploading with big files also and its very fast, it must be ur internet problem
good luck

I am a Photoshop editor. And Sometime the client send Images in Raw format, and then he/she also need it in a raw format, then the size of the images are more than 1 GB. Then it is difficult to upload. In other way you cannot send more than 1 GB file through delivery option.

You are right some time I face with a Internet drop issue. My internet connection speed goes to 2 MB/s. But I mean to say that, when ever my internet connection drop the file uploading stop and hence it does not resume. Is there any option from where I can resume the failed upload?

Thank you Kader313bd for answering my query.

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DropBox is a great network. But is it legal with Fiverr TOS? Are there any other network links that fiverr Allows?

Until Fiverr improves the upload process. eg. to allow a resume option, for very large files dropbox software is probably the best option since it does allow resuming after the connection is dropped.

I’m sure they have allowed it in messages from support that people have posted when there was an issue with sending via Fiverr.

Just make sure you also attach proof of work if possible and that will also allow something to be shown in the live gallery eg. like a lower res version of the file you are sending.

Thank you for your answer! Can you please tell does Fiverr TOS allows us to share the Dropbox link with my buyers?

You could contact them to be sure (through the helpdesk) and tell them about your connection problems which make the whole very big file have to be send again (which may fail again). And get their permission for sending the very large files through that, and say you will still send proof of work as a Fiverr attachment (eg. a lot smaller file than that you would send through dropbox).

I think it is safe to use dropbox, read more here

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Thanks for your suggestion!

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Thank you for helping :slight_smile:

Please tell me how to check this

In any browser type internet speed tester and you’ll see quite a few options to check it.