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I don't like the new change to orders

I’m quite new to fiverr, I think not even two months maybe a little over that. But I used to get orders and then the first messages on the order were just open in a chat box.
Now when I get an order I have two options. I either click “I have everything I need” or “there’s something missing” to send a message to my client. Both of them generate an automatic response that I have to delete before I write my own message. I looked all over, is there any place to send my own message without having to click either of these? If there is an option I think it should be a bit more visible, since I’m on the internet all the time and even I couldn’t find it…


I don’t like it either. I have several greetings that I created long ago, that have worked just fine.
This new setup, actually causes me to waste time (having to delete it, as you mentioned), rather than click and send the message I want to send.:zipper_mouth_face::expressionless:

Oh and to answer your question, I can’t see any other option, but either of those as well!


I hate it too. I haven’t seen an alternative so far. I’m really hoping it’s a test and they get rid of this “feature.” It is time-consuming and hasn’t once been helpful to me or to my buyers. In fact, I think some of my regular buyers get annoyed because I have to write them something soon after they order and then they feel like they have to write back.

Yes! I think mine do too! Plus I think they feel I have become a little less personable… when I am in a rush and use the new greeting :frowning: so I always make sure, I respond again, so they know I am still ME!