I don't like the new montly evaluation method


According to me the limits to mantain the levels are very high…it’s very frustrating to note the rating of the reviews that drops because many buyers don’t write feedbacks after my efforts to deliver always the best services. I risk again to lose my level two not because of me :frowning: (Now my average is 4.7 positive ratings). All this is ridiculous but fortunately I work the same


Yes it is difficult. How do you suggest that those who are able to maintain above 4.8 are rewarded and separated from those who are not?


i’m even scared of taking new orders just because of some bad reviews… just imagine you get just 2 orders in a month and the buyers leave you with 2 star reviews in both orders !!


Of course the levels are high. Fiverr has standards and a reputation to uphold.


You are mistaken. No one gets demoted because they did not get feedback. You can get demoted because of negative feedback, or delivering late, among other things. You could have another 1,000 orders this week none of whom leave feedback and the 4.7 would stay the same.



You can’t receive negative feedback. There isn’t such thing as -1 star. You get demoted for not getting full 5 stars for all three ratings (
“Communication With Seller”, “Service as Described” and “Buy Again or Recommend”).

In my last order a buyer was happy with the order, he left me 5 stars for the first metric, 5 stars for the second metric and 4 stars for the last metric, which made a total feedback score of 4.7 stars, and on the “Completed Orders” list it even says 4.5 stars. And you need the score to be over 4,8 stars. Which is ridiculous, because you can’t get 4.8 or 4.9 stars, you can either get 4.7 or 5 stars…

I have two or three of these ratings with some full 5-stars ratings over the last 30 days and my level was still lowered. All these years of hard work as a level two seler and now demoted back to level 1 even thouh my ratings are close to perfect. I also thing the system needs to be calibrated.


I didn’t mean negative as in a negative number, I meant negative as below 2.5.

That’s not correct, you only get demoted if you get enough sub 5 star reviews to drop your average of all reviews below a certain threshold within 60 days previous. You don’t need 5 stars on all reviews, just an average above 4.8 and you are fine.


This is it. If we want better buyers, and more money, we need to do things right. Fiverr is doing is best to raise their standards by implementing this. I lost my TRS status after a hurricane hit and I couldn’t work properly for 3 months, I’m at level zero now and I’m working hard to get back up. It’s the game, and if we want to succeed, we gotta play it.

Instead of trying to change the system, I suggest implementing processes to combat your flaws.

  • If your issue is response rate: Have automated messages
  • If your issues is reviews: Remind buyers to leave reviews, so they don’t finish a project and leave you without a review.
  • If your issue is delivery on time: Take the time to schedule out and estimate the time of delivery realistically.
  • If your issue is orders completed: Make sure you go through an evaluation process right at the beginning of each order so both you and the buyer are on the same page before starting on the order. This will ensure less cancellation requests.

Good luck and just keep working on yourself and your gig.
With Love,
Antonio (MabsArts)


Actually I do not like the fiverr system.
But I survived.
Maybe fiverr is trying the best they can.

So everyone is rich in time


The amount of leveled sellers has been dropping like crazy every month. And I don’t see why it would stop anytime soon. But once levels are going extinct, I believe there will be changes coming to the system, such as lowered requirements.


Why would fiverr want to lower standards? If anything, they are going in the opposite direction.


Fiverr would earn less if 90% of past level 2 sellers are new sellers suddenly, and having a badge becomes a rarity.

But with lowered requirements one could also argue that work quality would also decrease, resulting in cancellations.


No they wouldn’t, the orders would just move to sellers who can maintain high standards. That’s a good thing as the buyer gets higher quality work and the quality sellers earn more. Fiverr’s revenue remains the same, or actually may increase as the higher quality sellers generally charge more, so fiverr’s 20% could be larger.


I am soo sorry to hear this! As if that disaster you went through wasn’t bad enough!



Thanks for the love! I appreciate that. It wasn’t easy, but you gotta keep a positive mindset and remember the universe supports your highest good always. Keeps me positive and healthy. I got my numbers lowered down to negative 16 and even less, but since then I’ve managed to get back up to green with plus 90% across all boards. Just need a couple more reviews to be back on the road to greatness and TRS status. We’re aiming for pro this year, with hard-work, motivation, and love we are sure to get it <3


But this new monthy avaluation has somewhat of questionable. For a bad buyer who has offended me my current level has been removed! I have all high standards but for a ridicuolus average of rating (4,7) fiverr removed an entire level! I have no words :frowning: I’m very disappointed


I hate this new system with a passion.
I have lost my Level 2 status that I worked so hard to build just because I haven’t received any orders in a while. Ive been advertising my fiverr but now its even harder to get people as I don’t even have a level 1 status anymore! I have no idea why they decided to do this and its very disheartening and has killed my motivation to even try to continue doing business here.


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Many top sellers were demoted because buyers are ordering things that the seller can or won’t do which are explicitly posted on their description page.

Spokespeople for example.
Some spokeswomen have had people put in orders to do a bikini video, sexually explicit video, dating video or other video related to this which they have to cancel. Some get more than one a month and then one bad month where they have to cancel the scams, fake testimonies, videos they explicitly said they do not do, losing weight, sexual videos they drop 1 month down to 89% and lose their Top Rating or 2nd level seller.

And when you have a bunch of Top Sellers and 2nd level sellers get demoted for these stupid things out of their control they get bunched in with the rest of the people and thus mix in the lower quality with the higher quality. It is not a win for anyone. Even the Top Sellers who maintain their stats are against this because they know that they could get a raw deal from bad cancellations or the mysterious algorithm for response rate. which doesn’t make sense when one month you are at 98% and the next 89% without changing anything you normally do. And just that slight variation can take a Top Seller and bunch him in with the rest of the crowd.

I’ve seen top sellers get all the way down to “New Seller” which they are not or level one which they are not.
Look under the New seller banner right now.

I’m looking at a gig right now with a 4.7 review but has 2338 gigs completed and a member since 2012. How in the world is that a “new sellerr”?

I’m looking at a Level 2 seller now reduced to a “new seller” because 10% of her clients had to be cancelled because they ordered without asking.

Go under spokesperson as an example and chose top sellers. Now there are only 3 pages of top sellers. where there used to be about 10. The other 10 pages are now grouped with Level 1 and 2s. People with high ratings but with bad orders from clients who didn’t read their gig description.


Hi, people can comment any way the want. Fiverr staff doesn’t read our comments or if they do, they do not base how the site is run on our comments, so it’s ok if people have differing opinions.

There have been lots of negative comments on the level requirements so I’m sure if staff does read the forum they know people aren’t too happy with it in general.