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I don't like to brag, but

I may have just set a Fiverr record! (Maybe not, though, this place is crazy.)

I was just offered $175. to do $10,500. worth of gigs. Plus, if I do a really good job, they’ll have more work for me!

Don’t bee too jealous, your time will come. :wink:

I thought it was bad when I was offered $175 to do $1,800 worth of services. YOU WIN! That’s insane. It’s so insulting that someone would even ask if you could do that.

That seems fair!! /sarcasm

Omg, girl. You didn’t snag that sale??? :stuck_out_tongue:

Haha, what can I say, it’s a gift. I feel like Fiverr HQ should give me a trophy or at least a t-shirt!

That’s it! Fiverr’s NEW “Level” for Sellers…

Fiverr Official Press Release

May 21st, 2014

Having rocked the world with our “Top Seller” designation, Fiverr is proud to announce our newest (and highest) level… "Top buyer-sthead Seller"!

Our editorial staff will have the final say in selections. However, a key factor will be the Seller who receives the most RIDICULOUSLY underpriced/overworked “offer” from a buyer… who’s “brain” is obviously made of s

End Press Release

Perfect. :O)

Reply to @regency85: Hahaha! I love it!

Bwahaha Oh I’m jealous!

Seriously, I thought I was honoured to get offered $175 for a $600 gig. Seriously makes me cry that I refused his offer.

If I had done taken that offer I could have earned 12 pence per comment!

Reply to @itsyourthing: Thak u, thak u, thak u… [Elvis voice]

From what’s here so far, itsyourthing, I think you’re still in the lead for Fiverr’s 1st TFBSS designation.

But you might have some competition from alliemadison12 and cariad… if they “work” on it…



TFS = Top Fiverr Seller

TFBSS = Top Fiverr Buyer-s**thead Seller

I suppose you didn’t took the offer? You shouldn’t. I was offered double. I bumped it off. I want billions!!! I’m positive I’ll get that offer soon enough haha

So the theme is offer $175 for insane amounts of work - is 175 some sort of magic number? Is it supposed to wow the senses and overwhelm sellers into a hypnotic trance?

For the record, I had my hubby triple-check my math because I couldn’t believe anyone could be so brazen.

May we all get fair market value in the future and may buyers like “$175” get what they deserve! :slight_smile:

itsyourthing said: So the theme is offer $175 for insane amounts of work

I have a feeling we might all have been dealing with the same buyer. The buyer I encountered had a username beginning with R and ending with E.

username: RidiculouslyInsane

Yeah, that seems right. :wink:

Reply to @itsyourthing: You are getting sleepy… @-)

…VERY sleepy… @-) @-)

…You will do 175 THOUSAND dollars of work, for $175… @-) @-) @-)

Reply to @alliemadison12: Rotten Egg?

Ruthlessly Evil?

Really Egotistical?


Oh my! I think I know who R___________E is too. I looked at the offer several times before it registered how absolutely low the offer was for the amount of work. Yikes! I hope no one else falls for it.

Congratulations! If I ever need your talents I know where to look.

I love how people tell me I am asking too much when I am merely quoting the price that my gig description reflects.

BUYER: Hey can you write me a screenplay based on my idea? Let me know what it will cost.

SELLER: okay, I promise to write 3 pages of screenplay for one gig. Average screenplay is 90-120 pages. So that means 30-40 gigs…anywhere from $150-200.

BUYER: Oh, that’s too much. See ya.

I used to just let them go, but the frequency of this interaction has started to irritate me. so I usually say, “Yeah, good luck. Most scriptwriters ask THOUSANDS!!!”

You will write Screen plays BASED on the idea!

You’re amazing and worth every bit of that $200 …

Don’t be surprised if you see my order soon!

Oh @itsyourthing …hey you know what, I bet they’ll give you 4.5 stars too for all that work! Huh, huh, whaddaya say?