I dont make sales :(


Hello i’m just new here, i stored 12 gigs, and they are good quality services, but unfortunately from two days they are there, but no on sold. :((( is it normal cause i just begin?



Your question is seen often. And there is no simple answer.

It can take weeks and even months for a gig to get going.

For a gig to take hold and do well on Fiverr, it has to be tested, tweaked and fine tuned to get the right combo of title, tags, keyword and a great description that engages buyers. Then when it sells, it gains Levels for the Seller to add extras and more services and it climbs in the rankings.

A common mistake newbies make is throwing up 5, 15 or 20 gigs at start up.

These Sellers have read or been told that this increases exposure, but it actually hurts, because the basic gig hasn’t be tested and proven. It also confuses Buyers.

These Sellers end up with a bunch of untested, unproven gigs that don’t sell and 3 months later they’re on the forum saying Fiverr sucks, or begging for folks to buy their gig.

Some new folks throw up 12 random, totally different gigs and the same thing happens. None are tested or proven, don’t sell and the Sellers blame everyone and everything for it.

Pick 1 or 2 things you do well and build a solid gig around it. Test, tweak and tune the tags, keywords, titles and the description. Aim for a robust gig that works, that you can deliver easily and successfully.

Take time to learn how the Fiverr platform works, how Buyers judge a Seller and a gig, learn to deliver a good product, how to handle negative feedback. Then grow.

And learn how to promote your best selling gigs outside of Fiverr.

Don’t overplant your Fiverr garden at the start.

Good luck! :slight_smile:


I’ve heard adding a video is helpful (although I haven’t put that advice into action yet). Advertising on social networks is how I got my first sale. I went to a couple different pages that people who own blogs frequent and offered my services of blog posting. Get creative!

Hope you found this helpful.



Yes a video is very helpful if… the gig is solid, and is proven. Just putting up a video isn’t going to stimulate sales if the basic gig is unstable.

And again… TWO DAYS is a drop in the bucket compared to the amount of time it takes for a gig to establish itself. Give it two months before asking why there are no sales.


There are many other sites like fiverr. Try them all!


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