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I don't normally watch UEFA Europa League

But Liverpool against Dortmund - QF second leg, Jurgen Klopp’s homecoming…that’s a match that must be seen! Cheering for Liverpool!

Buuuu!!! Go Germany. Just kidding :slight_smile:

The Liverpool manager is a proud German…so Germany wins either way :slight_smile:

Hate Liverpool but I love Klopp. Search for the video of him saying “oooooohhhh, soooorrrrryyy” sarcastically to Mark Hughes. Such a legend!

Yeah, Klopp is my favorite football personality.Liverpool is too small for him, he should have been the manager of Real Madrid or even Manchester United.

I dunno, I think Liverpool is a good fit for him. No real pressure and the fans just want a manager that shows passion. If he keeps them up around the top 6, has a cup run and a couple of exciting matches in Europe. That’s all it takes to have them singing “You’ll never walk alone”. Liverpool fans only talk about winning things these days, they don’t actually expect to :smiley:

They haven’t won anything for 20-25 years.

Oh, they won the Champions League under Benitez! How can I forget!

There you go, an exciting match in Europe like I said, Klopp can do whatever he wants now.