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I don't really understand the difference between gig revision/modification


Hello guys, had a first rant today so I figured I should do another one.

When creating your gigs, you have the option to offer revisions (how many you like), which means - the client can ask you to modify your work for a number of times you set.

I have a mix&mastering gig for 10$, which is really cheap for the amount of work I put in, but hey I’m a beginner on this platform so it’s ok. I offer 0 revisions, which should mean buyer shouldn’t have an option to request a re-do of the work, right? Wrong.
My buyers often ask for slight modifications here and there, which is totally fine and I always respectfully make them happen. But what I don’t understand, why do they have an option to request a revision when I don’t offer revisions?

Example: Client came with a song for mixing and mastering to me. What you need to understand about music recording business is that there’s isn’t some magic button to make everyone sound like a pop star and their music to sound like it is played by virtousos. It is it like it is most of the time. The client came with specific details and tracks for the song, I did them all as he wished.
The work took several hours. He didn’t liked how it turned out, not because of me, but because of his playing and previous mixing and he requested a “modification” to re-do everything, including some work which is not included in the gig. I politely said that that is worth another gig and it is not a modification, that if he wants me to re-do everything he needs to order another “mix&master” package or we should both agree to cancel. We agreed to cancel. This was not a new client, I already did a song for him the day before and he was so happy how it turned out, so he knew what I can do with the mix.

Sum up: I worked for several hours, client got his product, I didn’t get payed.

There’s no protection for the seller, why? Why is there even an option for modification of the work if I don’t offer revisioins?