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I Don't Recall This Happening in the Past

I’ve been receiving messages from fellow sellers who ask me to “give them some work” because they are “in dire need of it.” Most of them stop contacting me after I refuse, but others keep on asking. “Please. I don’t get orders.” “I just need a tiny bit of help.” “You have a lot of work. I can help.”

I’m starting to notice a trend. These people are either new sellers or their rating is below 90%.

I don’t know if I should be feeling a sense of compassion/sympathy for these people or to just be downright annoyed…

Has this been happening to any other sellers?

Yes. The number of new unskilled sellers is growing fast. Many of them came here from blogs or books that told them it was easy to get rich here by slapping up a pretty picture and some gigs for FB likes or logos. They get here and try to get wealthy with poor English, illegal or ToS-violating gigs and they are shocked. Then they go the desperate route - begging.

I would suggest you just refer them to the forum or Fiverr Academy. Inboxes are for buyers. Giving these beggers anything just encourages them to behave badly again. If the try to inbox you twice, mark them as spammers.

Thank you! I’ll keep that in mind for next time. :slight_smile:

It’s sad to hear that this has been happening to other sellers as well.

I’m thinking of taking a picture next time I go to the toilet. But only if it fits into the Bristol fecal model. I wouldn’t want to share an inelegant fecal accident with the world, unlike… oh, you get the idea. Maybe it’s time for a “newbie **** post” scale.

Feel free to send me ****pics, I’ve helped people through bowel cancer and come from a family of nurses. I WILL have an opinion about that random bit of sweetcorn husk at the tip.


Anyway, just treat them like **** and flush them away. Tell them that if they’ll look at this impressive ¡¿**** you’ve wrangled (or found on–a real site, or it was) you’ll give them some advice.

My best guess? They’ll be disgusted and FO. That’s how lame these t***s are.

A couple of months ago, there was a number of new sellers who kept offering me to make videos for my gigs.

I keep imagining a forum somewhere, giving “useful” advice to folks who want to try out their luck on Fiverr: one month it’s “post on every topic on Fiverr and leave links to your gigs, and you’ll become a TRS in no time”, the next one it’s “find every seller who doesn’t have a gig video and offer to make it for them”, and now it’s “find sellers who are very busy and waste their time by begging them for work”.

You have just out-emmakied yourself…

A new fiverr category could be called “please give me some work”.

The gigs could be posted automatically by the site so no knowledge or effort would be required.

You know what really shocks me? The sellers who have writing gigs up but can’t, for the life of them, write coherent sentences. -_-

Anyway, I actually sent one person a link to Fiverr Academy like fonthaunt said to. She thanked me, sent me a smiley face, and let me be. :slight_smile:

LOL. This post made my day. Thanks, Emmaki! I’ll think of this message every time I get one of those… Heck, I don’t even know what to call them. XD

I still think my toilet idea–sadly edited by a moderator–is a good one. That said, there is a new “Fiverr bible” for outsourcing work.

There are a ton of them. I’ve not investigated them too much–and I certainly won’t give them money for their poorly-written, outdated guide with promises of a blueprint for $100+ a day success–but one common thread is that they are written by busty blonde women from Pakistan with unverified TRS accounts.

They’re also running out of titles in this fool’s gold rush, as they can’t use Fiverr–so “5err” or 5rr" it is. From this literary masterstroke, one can see that the quality of the writing and advice in a desparate dime sale is such low-hanging fruit that it’s gone underground and joined the skeletons.

Another fun thing–these so-called “marketers” often recycle their “offers” and frequently reuse the video for the original offer. I’m guessing it works because their little affiliate helpers just want to throw something–anything–at their “mail list”.

(I don’t hate internet marketers–I know some very good and talented ones. But 99% of them are… ugh…)

Anyway, the new one was definitely discussing leveraging TRS etc for your success. And of course, we all know that busty blonde women from Pakistan are the ultimate credible success experts when it comes to Fiverr.

I’m just sad this is happening. It not only wastes our time, but it degrades what fiverr stands for.

I guess take it as a compliment? Those sellers think your gigs are awesome and want to add to the awesomeness with their video-making skills?

I don’t know… I’m trying to look at the bright side of things. :smiley:

Yes! I second that!!