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I don't receive any order yet because of I got 1 negative review. Please Help Me!

Please help me…
I am so tense about that. I got only 1negative review out of 9 review.
That’s why I dont received any order yet.

Please see my Gig…and give me some suggestion or advice!


Dude, even top rated sellers get bad reviews. It’s not that big of a deal, it happens.

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But i am not top rated seller.
I am new seller on fiverr.
That’s why i need your suggestion or advice as a help.

You can find plenty of suggestions and advice by reading the Fiverr forums. You are not the first person to have asked for tips and advice. You might do well to read the information that has already been provided to the many other new sellers that have asked the same questions you have. Be proactive. Be informed. Do your own research. :wink:

The point is everyone gets bad reviews, but you move on. Buyers won’t be put off for one bad review.

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Keep Calm even when No 1 seller on Fiverr has a negative review, check Crokservice.

You could add a comment to the bad review explaining things. eg. that buyers can ask for a revision if they are not satisfied with a design or something. If the buyer missed the social media kit, did he order the package that included it? If not, that could be mentioned (if he did but didn’t receive it, maybe it could be sent another way if allowed eg. via message since I assume the re-delivery option will be unavailable now the order is complete.).

Its a easy word to get negative reviews in 1 or 2 jobs…But you have to forget about the bad reviews.Because you can’t do better if you stop your work with this bad review…So don’t worry about and start your journey again…