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I don't see any Buyer request, can anyone help me


I am new on Fiverr. I created 5 Gigs. Unfortunately, I do not find any Buyer request. Can anyone tell me why not appearing any buyer request for me?
Thank you


If you add gigs with different categories you will see buyer request under those category. If you are new. you have to wait until load your buyer request. Sometime browser don’t load the buyer request properly. You can refresh your browser and try again.


Thank you for your quick response. I am WordPress developer. Actually, I am waiting from 4 days but not appearing much within 4 days I found 8 -9 request. Is this all?


If you create your gigs only under WordPress category. You will see only buyer request from WordPress category. Wait you will see all of request. Exactly I don’t know how long time they will take to load all of buyer request.


Thanks, I appreciate your reply :smile:


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That will make no difference to the number of buyer requests which the OP can see I’m afraid. :sunny:


you need to wait for few day and try to send offer to your buyer