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I don't see email confirmation when trying to withdraw funds or change paypal email?

it’s there anyone can help me what to do I don’t get any emails when trying withdraw my funds to my paypal and then when I try change the email I still can’t see notification with instructions

and when I try find costumer support on this website its seems like it doesn’t exist here or hided super good?

what I do now? I stopped all my gigs since there’s no point of selling here so far if I can’t withdraw my earnings after 15 days waiting on them clearance

Double check your spam filters. The email will come through as a Withdrawal confirmation and a link you need to click. It’s more likely that there is an issue on the receiving end than the sending end.

Hi, I am also not getting any withdraw confirmation email. I tried with Bank transfer and also with Paypal. There is definitly a bug in Fiverr and we are unable to withdraw the funds.

There is no email being received. I have checked Inbox and also in Spam. No email. Please fix it ASAP and I want to withdraw my funds.

Thanks for the help.