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I don't see Inbound Marketing selling on fiverr, anybody know why?


Hello I am Enrique,

I am new on fiverr and I get just a little orders, I see that the WordPress site creation and customization is a lit overcrowded and a lot of very good and professional people offers the same service.
That’s when I came with an idea, why don’t we offer some “extra” service on WordPress services creation, and this is where Inbound Marketing enters. I don’t know if you are familiarized with the term, but I have plans on start promoting my gig WordPress full site creation and Inbound Marketing.

I made this Gig but I got no orders:

Can anybody help me if I am missing something, maybe my title is not good or prices are high, I don’t know. If someone could gave me a good feedback, I’ll be very appreciated.

If anybody want’s to know how to do it: