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I don't see my last orders "images"

Hi Friends,

I hope you’re all doing gr

I had this problem since the tow last orders,

I make illustrations, and when i deliver the work i only put a little cropped and watermarked illustration, But in the last two orders i see the buyers’s review but i don’t see the the uploaded images ??

And i need those samples, so new buyers can see what i can do.

Did this happen to you before ?

Thank you for helping,

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Buyers can decide whether they let you show it or not in the review page. When they click a “cross”, your gig portfolio image will not be shown.

Reply to @willpower_hk: I know that, that’s why i asked one of my clients and he confirmed that he didn’t do that, which is weird !!

As far as I know images for live portofolio needs to be JPEG. And also if you want the image on your portofolio try to upload through delivery system just that image and then upload the other files if needed to your order page.

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