I dont think it's fair how fiverr takes $1 off every $5 from your sales


I know that a $5 gig (buyer pays $5.5) ends up as $3.85 on your paypal account.

but really, $1 off every $5 is too much, after a client orders a $20 gig with extras, you only make $16.

how about if fiverr only takes $1 per order, or limit to 10%?

I also sell at ebay, envato, zazzle, etc. But here can’t help to feel a bit ripped off.


Let’s see: Fiverr recently implemented a .50 cent service fee for those who order the basic Gig… so what makes you think that if they felt a need to get in the pockets of buyers for another .50cents that they would lower the commission we have to pay?

My impression is that Fiverr wanted to make more money, and realized what an uproar there would be if they jacked our commission fee to 30% (the client is now holding the extra 10% on that $5 sale bag) so, they passed it on to the consumer.

The chances that they are going to rethink the commission structure and lower it is unlikely to happen.



So fiverr is 5$ service…

Buyer is paying 5.5$

Seller is getting 4$

Interesting about how fiverr is 5$ service and 5$ is nowhere to be found lol


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If you were to get the orders you did on your own page, how much of a marketing budget do you think you would have allocated? That’s how I look at it!


I agree with the marketing comment. The commission goes towards them getting you buyers, even though they try to encourage sellers to market their own page (which I don’t). Just use the buyer requests and you will likely get buyers that way.


Reply to @freelancemm:

I just did a quick calculation just for fun. In december i have had a bit over 600 pageviews (had my gigs in vacation mode half the month due to big orders), of those views 235 are clicks so the rest are from outside of fiverr. I have earned 160 - fiverrs 20% so im getting 128. So for 32$ i got 235 clicks from fiverr while i got 365 clicks from my own advertising and i spent 24$ + a bit of time.

So taking into account that the clicks from fiverr might have a bit better chance of turning into sales i would say fiverrs 20% is pretty much spot on.


Reply to @russflex: Through that, and just simply targeting the right keywords/market that Fiverr caters to with quick delivery time and quality work can get most people more than enough orders. Putting videos helps a lot, too.


Reply to @mgjohn78: The best part about Fiverr is that you only pay when you get a sale. When running your own marketing campaigns you can be out a lot of money if you aren’t careful! I never understand why people think 20% is steep. I got some pretty big clients in the past that would have cost me a lot of time and money to find. Plus, for the smaller buyers you don’t have to take the risk of a “paypal hit” for potential disputes since they’re all dealt with in-house with Fiverr. That can be quite risky with a lot of small transactions, even if you have did nothing wrong!


Reply to @freelancemm: Yeah i know a few people who have had their paypal funds frozen due to disputes with clients. Such a small thing turns into a chain reaction, cant pay insurance, rent and other expenses on time and suddenly you find yourself trying to dig yourself out and negotiating with the companies you own money while your workload is piling up.

Personally for the work i do outside of fiverr i use an umbrella company that handles my billing and then they pay me a salary, that costs to but still i feel its necessary these days.


It’s even worse if you live in Europe, to be honest fiverr isn’t really a job it’s pretty good to optimize your workflow and learn to produce fast without losing quality.

And it feels good to help people.


I don’t focus on the money Fiverr takes, but on the money I make. Obviously, today I was bothered when I bought a $5 gig and saw a $0.50 fee (I didn’t use my earnings to purchase because i had disbursed them yesterday, so I used PayPlay). However, if a buyer can afford $5, he can afford $5.50, that’s the logic Fiverr is using. Do I like it? No. But this is part of Capitalism, prices are raised or lowered, the market reaction is observed, and Fiverr will adjust accordingly. Right now I don’t mind giving Fiverr a dollar if I’m making four, but if they start taking $2, I will be bothered, and then I will have to see if the money I’m making is worth the effort.


What annoys me is that I have only one sale right now and my balance is unfortunately $4. I want to perhaps buy an image gig to enhance my gig but I cannot until I get a second sale. At least give us full in-fiverr credit so that we could use our sales within the service.


Reply to @mgjohn78: Yeah, that’s a good way to do it. Outside of Fiverr I only really accept fairly big orders or work only with clients I am familiar with for the smaller transactions.


The ONLY good way to see this is if you consider Fiverr a Hobby or charity work

fastcopywriter said: Right now I don't mind giving Fiverr a dollar if I'm making four, but if they start taking $2, I will be bothered, and then I will have to see if the money I'm making is worth the effort.
I agree. Agencies charge commissions; it's down to the seller to decide how much of a commission they are willing to pay for the services they receive in exchange.

I am curious to see what happens in the near future. Fiverr will obviously keep looking for ways to increase revenue, but how they'll do it without losing too high of a proportion of users will be interesting.


Well i mean fiverr has to make their money somehow.


Reply to @itsyourthing: You’re right, in the advertising world they either get a commission from the media buys or what’s common today, clients pay fee for every employee or a monthly retainer.

I know Hollywood agents charge 10% to 15%, and Real Estate brokers 6% (3% to the seller’s agent, 3% to the buyer’s agent), and that’s not counting colistings.


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In my opinion, I agree that the commission which fiverr charges is quite high but in comparison to other freelancing sites (I won’t care naming here) fiverr does bring in a lot of genuine buyers and provides a great services in terms of website, apps etc to both buyers and sellers.


You sell on eBay and are complaining about the fees that Fiverr charges.


I sell a LOT on eBay for one of my other businesses and I still am in awe at just how much eBay eats into my profits each month. Not only do I have to pay eBay, but I need to pay PayPal too.