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I dont tip on fiverr. Am i a jerk?

I see fiverr as a community of freelancers. the creators set thier own rates. they work out the deal with the client.

From my end i see a business transaction. If i hire you to do something, then we agreed to the terms of the gig. I find it super off putting to see a “tip me” box at the end of the deal. We had a deal. We both lived up to our ends of the bargain. I’m not asking for a small refund for being such a good client.

Am i a jerk for wanting to keep the money used in a transaction at the amount agreed upon?


From a seller’s point of view, I would never ask for a tip.

Fiverr puts the tip information in at the end of the order process, not sellers.

You’re free to do whatever you like with your money - you earned it! :slight_smile:


No, you’re not a jerk. I’m a seller, and even though I always get a big smile on my face when I get a tip, even if it’s just a small one, I never expect it.

I have tipped before, but only in cases where the seller has over delivered. If I order a logo gig for example and pay for 2 designs, but the seller delivers 3, this is a scenario where I would tip if I’m happy with the work done.

It’s not something I think sellers expect, but a nice pat on the back when a seller goes above and beyond the expectations you had when ordering the gig. If you tip, this is up to you. I never consider a buyer who doesn’t tip to be a jerk - but it will always make my day a happy one if I get a tip. It means the buyer is very happy with my work, and that is always a great feeling.


PS. The tip option is placed there by default on Fiverr, and is not something sellers control. Don’t think the seller is asking for a tip because of that option at the end - this is a Fiverr function that is out of our control. :slight_smile:


Not at all! You aren’t obligated to tip, ever.

As a freelancer and business owner, I never take it to heart when someone doesn’t tip me. :slight_smile: I’ve received bonuses on other freelancing websites and tips at work, but I never expect them but do appreciate them. Sellers and business owners should come to understand that buyers/consumers don’t always have the money to throw tips around; tips should be rightfully earned in my opinion.

I agree with you that if you hire someone and negotiate on a price, you are both happy with that price, and a tip is not necessary.

However, if you felt the seller went above and beyond, especially for the price, or you have worked with them before, I think a tip would be nice, but still not expected or necessary.

Just my two cents.

As a seller, I never expect a tip. It’s not a restaurant, where a tip is expected.

I think it’s really nice when I get a tip. I appreciate it very much, but I never expect it.

I wouldn’t think you’re a jerk. It’s your money; you can tip if you want to.

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You’re right! It’s a business transaction. Likewise, as a seller, I am uncomfortable that the tip option shows up when buyers rate my gig.
Fiverr sellers should set rates that compensate their time fairly.

Repeat business is more important to me than tips.


I don’t feel you’re obligated to tip in ANY situation. If you get good service, and you feel it’s warranted, by all means, tip. But you absolutely don’t have to, and I don’t know about other sellers, but while I appreciate a tip, a good review helps out much more than any monetary bonus a buyer feels the need to give me.

(And please allow me to clarify my opening sentence of this post, you absolutely should tip wait staff, bartenders, etc. In most places, at least here in the US, they aren’t paid a living wage and rely on their tips to get by. You’re not obligated, but you should in situations that typically call for it.)

No, you are not a jerk if you don´t tip. I personally only tip when I am 100% satisfied/happy with the seller and their work (this includes: great communication, great result. I don´t mind with late delivery if the seller has no other choice, but if they leave me in limbo and not even telling me that they would be late and let me just wait like an idiot, I don´t tip them. Why would I tip anyone after they failed me?). When I´m 100% happy with them, I am more than happy to tip them.

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You’re not a jerk. The decision to tip a seller remains solely with the buyer. As others have mentioned above, the tip feature is put there by Fiverr and not sellers. If you feel generous enough, you can go ahed and give them a tip.

As a seller, I never expect a tip BUTTT it is awesome when I get them. About 25% of my customers in the past 3 weeks have tipped me.It is like…money I never expected to have.

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Nope :slight_smile:
It’s your money, you decide what you do with it :wink:

That’s how I feel. Rather than spend another $7 to tip you I would rather just rehire you. Maybe I’d be more willing if fivver enabled to tip without having to pay service fee again. Just add a few dollars onto the whole purchase.


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I think it’s not good to put buyer’s in an awkward position. Fiver should think about it’s tips feature


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