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I Don't Trust My Buyer, And I Want To Make Sure I Get Paid

All right, so I’m new here and I recieved an email from the person in regards to my ‘I will draw you something surreal’. They asked me if I could draw female fantasy characters, and I said I would be happy to. Only thing is, they wanted a big project done. That was fishy right there, especially because they asked for three initial samples and have been putting off actually purchasing several gigs, though they said they would when I was done. I’ve done the samples and sent them photos, but not very good ones to try and prevent them from not paying me. I’m nervous to go through with the final project, because I feel like I’m being jerked around. I’ve done a background check and they have no previous record on this site. I wish I could directly request at least three purchases for the original samples, but the site apparently has a rule against that. I don’t think this is fair, but I know that this particular project is outside the realm of the gig I had originally created. Do you guys have any way I can make sure I’m not rooked into doing all this work for nothing?

I hardly ever have this problem, but I do have a lot of buyers who need large projects done. Usually they will message and ask if I can do the projects and I always respond with:

"… as soon as you create your order, I will get started on it right away."

NEVER send them the finished product unless it’s a delivery. ALWAYS a delivery, they have a choice to send it back to you saying they need it modified. But if you send them the product via message or anything else besides Delivery, they can cancel at any time and you’ve just done free work.

Just let them know you’ll start it when you receive the orders. If they don’t order, no big loss-- they were probably trying to scam you anyways. You’ll have other orders in the future.

I agree with Rowbee - I wouldn’t have sent them anything at all without them actually purchasing a gig. I would shown a sample of something similar I have done before, but never would I work on something before they actually purchased the gig. I doubt there is anything Fiverr could even do for you since a gig was not purchased.

I do think it’s quite a common thing that happens on Fiverr, it relates to the same issue of buyers requesting things your gig doesn’t offer.

The rule for me is very simple: I’m not doing anything unless a buyer hits the ‘order’ button. This way you’re 100% sure you get paid. Samples are already provided in your portfolio (if you have one) so the buyer can get a general idea of your style and what you’re good at.

Like Rowbee already said: don’t send anything unless you know you’re getting paid, EVER!

I’d personally send the potential buyer a message explaining your situation honestly, saying that you’ve already put effort in the project, so that you now want to see some commitment in the form of a purchase. Usually works for me. Good luck!