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I dont understand anymore


Hello guys.After doing good with a gig and getting to first page of high rating for a certain keyword and other gig close to the high rating first page , now after some days all my gig disapeard and cant find them anywhere and the other gigs that were on the high rating first page are still there cuz they are always the same.Please if someone could explain to me how this works. Thank you


6-8 months ago I experienced once or twice a situation in which not only my gig wasn’t there where it should’ve been, but also I wasn’t able to find it after scrolling down for some time. I didn’t contact the Support Team and after 1-2 days the gig was back where it was before. Since then, I never experienced the same issue again, although I check my gig’s ranking every 2-3 days.

Also, long time ago I had a competitor who was doing really well and his gig was at the top of the search results. One day he put a video in his gig and all of a sudden his gig was nowhere to be found among the first 5-10 “pages” from the search results. That was good news for me and also that was the only reason why I didn’t put a video on my gig too (until 2 weeks ago). I knew it was a bug, but for some reason his gig never came back to its expected ranking.

A friend of mine was sanctioned after he received 3 warnings i.e. 3 denials for 3 of his (active for some time) gigs. He lost his Level 2 status, went to a complete Zero and all of his gigs were removed from the search results. I now remember about another friend too who experienced the same thing because of a "violation of a 3rd-party website’s ToS"

So, if you haven’t done anything which might’ve made Fiverr angry, wait 1-2 days and if the situation remains the same, just contact the Support Team and tell them that your gig(s) is not listed within the search results.


Yeah i also scrooled down and my gigs are nowere to be found.Did nothing wrong , i did not violate they Tos , already submited a ticket hope it will be solved.Thank you for your answer , if anyone else had a similar problem to this please share your thoughts here.

Thank you


Also my gigs impresion , total page views ,click from impresions did not modified for more then a week.Even thow i had orders on a new gigs all my impresions and click are 0 /0/0. and customer suport seems to not want to respond to my ticket.


SO they told me i got to many gigs denied by they editorials , and i’m no longer in they search lists.So how do i get back there , what are the steps to folow?Thank you


And every gig i add it does not apear under new or recomended or anything.Really sad now 100% positive rating does not metter for them + 2 of my gig were active for 1 month and they got denied after 1 month even if i did not modified anything.So i did nothing wrong , i dont understand anything .