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I don't understand Fiverr. What's with the algorithm?

So, for about a month, I’ve been barely getting orders and my gig impressions, clicks, and views have all dropped substantially. I was doing well before that and my order deliveries were all on time. I also get quite good reviews and try to put a lot of work in every order I receive.

I don’t understand the sudden slump. There was no reason at all. I tried changing a lot of things among the gigs (the titles, tags, gig images etc.) but that doesn’t seem to be of much help. I searched for my gigs that have pretty good ratings, searched for my bestseller gig and they all appear on the last page, no matter how I ‘sort’ the search results.

I’m clueless. Does anyone have an idea what could be the problem? I would appreciate any help. Thanks!


I don’t think it is entirely the algorithims fault. I think its what you do and the demand for it as well. It could simply be also that you have other artists to compete with. Could also be pricing. There are a number of factors that could go into a slump. The thing i see with fiverr, you generally have to wait for someone to come to you.


This happens to many of us at times including me and the reason can be illusive. In my case one time I had a best selling gig generating tremendous sales and high enthusiasm in my clients which got suddenly and inexplicably moved to the last page and stayed there for at least a year.
I finally changed the main graphic and it was moved back to the first page. So it could be something they decided wasn’t too great, but what that would be is not going to be revealed.

My suggestion would be to get someone to critique your gigs and hopefully it will be someone who has a good idea of what is and is not pleasing to fiverr.

I took a look at your main gig and can’t find anything wrong with it. I assume Etsy doesn’t mind this type of offering. It could also be something about the algorithm doing it but first I would try to figure out what may be objectionable to fiverr’s staff about your gigs.

Did you take a vacation recently? That could do it also. All of these are guesses on my part as that’s all anyone can do.

Also you said you changed the titles. I assume that the type of gigs and what they offer stayed the same for the gigs you changed the titles on as if not that would be a possible reason. Or maybe they just are putting all of that type of gig in the back now.


that’s why repeat customers are so important!


Fiverr always seems to be tinkering with the algorithm, at the expense of new and established sellers exposure. But it feels like they are trying to put 5 galllons of gas in a 4 galllon tank.


Don’t worry, your time will come again (as fiverr gives chance to everyone out there to show their skills). In the meantime, try learning more skills and create more gigs.

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I’ve noticed that my fiverr experience is very up and down this year. It’s either a crazy month when I don’t have free time at all or a slow, dragging month when I’m not sure if I should start panicking yet or not. September was crazy productive, October is the slowest I’ve had this year so far.

I have a semi-regular client who’ve ordered something I don’t even sell and instead of canceling, I’m begrudgingly finishing right it now because it’s not the month to be picky about stuff. The contrast with September is pretty glaring.

I enrolled in children’s illustration courses, so I’m not bored and appreciate the extra free time. I wish the ride was just a tiny bit smoother, though.


Business has not fixed rules, for that you need to set future vision not goals, I think.


Yes, I agree. It’s not entirely the algorithm’s fault but my focus shifted to it when I sorted the search results according to the bestselling gigs and the results showed gigs with zero ratings way before mine (with 135 reviews). Mine appeared on the very last page. That’s what got me confused and concerned.

Thank you for your elaborate response and taking the time out to have a look at my gigs :slight_smile:

I didn’t take a vacation recently. I’ve been pretty active here.
Also, I changed all my main gig graphics recently. Hoping it helps.

Anyway, all the best to you. I’m glad it picked up for you eventually.

Yes, that seems to be the major problem here.

Thank you :slight_smile: here’s hoping!

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Thank you for sharing your experience. The 2nd half of September and October so far have been incredibly slow, for me too. Hopefully it will pick up.

You’re welcome, Parina! :slight_smile:

My guess if we keep updating our profile in anyways and be online most of the time it should be in the top 5 pages atleast.