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I dont understand Fiverr

I had a gig(Clash royale) related to gaming and got denied.There are similar gigs like mine but only mine got denied after reviewing by fiverr…Also later i created similar gaming gig like others present in fiverr,again mine got denied.Also one more gig related to “creating Social media cover images” also got denied after 4 months?..Fiverr keeps on denying my gigs after 4 to 5 months?..How come there are similar gigs and if i create one gig i am not getting accepted?Pls help

Guess what I said here wasn’t far off then? :wink:

Actually i asked the reason and they replied like this “Thank you. Please note that we reviewed your gig and decided to deny it. Bear in mind that we don’t encourage this type of service on our platform.”…Also one more gig about “creating social cover images” is removed …I created it before 4 months and they removed it now.I dont understand why.

I found it in the cache - no idea what could have caused it to be removed.

Could it have been this bit?
My gig offers->
Motivational Quotes, Inspirational Quotes
LOGO designs, Covers for all social media sites.
why my service is best?

as it’s social media cover gig?

Ok so shall i create 1 more social media gig and remove those “bits” u mentioned?

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You could try it, but might ask CS first?

Ok i will ask them first and create the again…thank you

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