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I don't understand how my gig will sell!

i have tried a lot bit i am not able to achieve do i get good success? i tried to create gig very beautiful but success is not catching up! please explain to me a little more about how to achieve success.

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You have been here a short period of time. Some sellers don’t get their first order until a few months have passed.

I watched your video and maybe it was just me, but I could not understand much of what you were saying. I do have the TV going, and it’s almost 12 midnight and I’m getting tired. So maybe that was it. It is great that you have a video at all. I don’t have one yet and I’ve been here since April. Maybe you should think about how you can make your video better. You made a good effort though.

I’ve read here in the forum where veteran sellers have told newbies that their package prices jump too far in price from the basic to the premium. You go from $30 to $90 to $150, I believe. Do your prices need to be so far apart?

Also here is a great post about how to be successful here. Have you seen and read any of it?:

I hope you have great success here and that my comment has not discouraged you! I meant to encourage you.
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only creating gig wont help getting orders. you have to do some gig marketing and send buyer request regularly. See the post below to get many awesome tips and resources which will help you get started in fiverr.