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I don't understand how to send a logo design with logo transparency,high resolution,vector file and sources file

I am still self studying graphic design and I created theses logos.

Please someone explain me how to send created logo with logo transparency, high resolution and sources file.


Create a folder put your all files, that folder make zip folder then send you.


go to file->Export-> select format png and save ,high resolution means it should be 300dpi when you create new file, source file is the main raw file of software/app on which you r working e.g .ai or .psd

then make a folder of these files and send

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Thank you very much😊

Thank you for the information😊

Nice Logo Design

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oh really thank you😃

Only do this if you trust in your buyer and in their basic decency. If you don’t, upload the files through the “deliver now” button in the order page.

If you compress the files and send them as zip, Fiverr can’t protect the pictures from being downloaded before the order is marked as completed (they put a watermark and only show the buyer a preview, after they mark the order as completed, they unlock the original files). This means that buyer can get your work and then easily cancel the order, getting the money back too.


So… You’re offering these things in your gig, but don’t know how to deliver them?


Still pause my gig…

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