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I don't understand what's wrong with my gigs

It’s been months since I made my first gig and the impressions have stayed ridiculously low. In the tens, not even in the hundreds. What is this? Why is no one seeing my gigs?


Is anyone else experiencing this? I’ve polished my descriptions to a shine, I’ve made custom images for my gigs, I’ve set up a proper profile with a decent description and still nothing. Is my skillset just not in demand? I’ve gotten 3 messages in total since I made my profile on here in January and all 3 of them were either time wasters, scammers or both.

Super frustrating.


From my personal experience it’s only naturally you should advertise your service out of fiverr so you can increase the traffic for impressions and clicks, there’s many factors why your gig decrease in Impressions and clicks but i don’t want to make this long enough you should read the other articles in the forum from a more experienced seller

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My gigs never had many impressions in the first place. I’ve talked to people on reddit and they said their gigs got hundreds, sometimes thousands of impressions in the first couple of months. Why are mine getting so few then? This feels like fiverr intentionally pushing my gigs to the last page or something to prevent me from getting noticed.

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Yup that the signal why you should improved your gig and you shouldn’t edit your gigs too many times my ranking got lost after that😅 that why you should just edit your gig carefully ifreally needed(im recovering from my lost rank that why im self advertising through many sites so i can recover my clicks and impression)

And what type of service are providing?

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Hi there…,

It’s happens to me last two month.
Impressions drop from around 600/day to only 100/day
Maybe because fiverr change it’s alogarithm again…, we need to refrsh our gigs.
Try to do a simple edit to your gigs.

Mine starting back to normal after i made a minor change.
and try to do and pay fiverr promotion too.
It helps alots.

Wish you luck,

I’m a game translator. My main gig has a portfolio with examples of my work that I did off-fiverr attached, but it doesn’t matter, because no one will see it anyway.

How many weeks or days does fiverr alogorithm changed im still ignorance in platform :sweat_smile::pray:

I’ve revamped my gigs probably close to 10-15 times now. Nothing seems to do the trick. Initially I got 1-2 impressions a day, but the most I’ve ever gotten is 30-40 a day after making my gigs as optimized as possible.

Oh my GOD don’t do that that the reason why your ranking is losing in a specific keyword🤦

Just don’t change the gig frequently because your ranking in that specific keyword related to SEO WILL LOST!!!

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You’re the first person I’ve heard about that from. Can you link to some article or fiverr page about it?

Just once from beginning of this year.
Try to read this post:

It definetly can help you find some answer :slight_smile:

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Sir for recovering a lost in rank does it takes 2days-1week for me to get my rank back plus using self advertising? I just change my gig title yesterday for a reason

Based on what i read from this forum…, it seems that fiverr regularly swap the 1st page positions.
THIS WAY, every seller can have same chance whether NEW SELLER OR LEVELED SELLER.
That is why…, 5 star rate is the most important factor to keep your momentum.


Yo forgot to say this don’t forget to not changed your gig too much just 1 edit in a month is enough and advertise your gigs in social media,your :dart: buyers,that related to your gig​:smirk::+1: k bye goodluck with your gigs and stay patience!!