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I don't understand what's wrong

Hey, you guys!
This seems like the only place to go on a rant about so many things that are wrong with Fiverr since the Support Team won’t address some of them. So here I go.
All was going great until 2 months back when all of my gigs were suddenly pushed to the last page. Each one of them. Nothing was wrong, I was doing a great job with good reviews. So the sudden slump came as a surprise.
My gig impressions, views, and clicks have been at an all time low ever since and I’ve tried making a couple of tweaks only to observe no real changes to the stats. I don’t understand what happens now and when I will regain my position. I did work pretty hard so it all seems unfair.

That happens to everyone, even with TRS sellers or sellers that have been here for more than 5 years. Everyone here is working hard, some of us longer than others but that’s how fiverr algorithm works and we can’t do anything about it apart from keep providing excellent service.