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I don't understand why a seller wouldn't want more time

I purchased a gig that understandably takes time because it’s high quality, the seller is doing multiple videos for me, and it’s being done in 24 hours. We have been communicating a lot, but I am annoyed that he refuses to extend the time. He has been saying that he hasn’t been getting enough sleep, and he pointed out our time zone difference. I even told him it was ok to not have that many videos (after all it was a good deal so why not), but he refuses to extend the time above 24 hours. He keeps talking about how quality takes time, but the gig promises 24 hours delivery time.

I tried to explain to him that I understand, yet he claims he’s going to finish it. I told him he can take breaks in between. Just take the freaking extended time


It’s really great. Every seller should be dedicated for his providing service like this.

You are definitely a kind-hearted person for being concerned about them - perhaps the seller is worried about possible repercussions of extending the order time (i.e. bad review.) Overall, if I were in your shoes, I would just make sure to judge the order on the quality of final delivery as described in the gig and leave it at that. I know it might be frustrating because the seller is commenting on how their physical health is suffering, but ultimately that’s not something you can control. Keep being kind-hearted, though, we need more people like you in the world. =)


He showed me the first video and it’s really good, I was beyond impressed.


I think that is caused by a myth that says when an order is extended, it affects the seller’s rating

Did you send him a time extension request or did you just tell him that he can have more time?

If you just sent it as a message then your sellers still have to deliver within 24 hours because he will be penalised for late delivery.
You can just open a resolution center on the right side of your order page and send him time extension request that he will approve to give him more time


I just told him in a message