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I dont understand why gigs dont work :(

I used to get many orders at the beginning. I dont understand what happened to my gigs and works. Is there any problem with my gigs? Are they clear or do they need to be improved?


I think new gigs/sellers get a temporary boost in rank so that might be why there were more orders in the beginning. If you aren’t getting orders now keep sending offers to buyer requests you can do well. If you don’t see buyer requests, reload the page a few times a day.

These are my suggestions/comments:

Gig: I will read your fortune with tarot and coffee reading
In the gig description:
“I can tell you how personality he or she has.” could be “I can tell you what personality he or she has.”

Gig: I will write short stories for you
In the gig description:
It has a URL that isn’t in Fiverr’s list of approved URLs.

Gig: I will translate from english to turkish, from turkish to english
In the gig description:
“Two ones of my e books:” could be “Two of my e-books:”
It has a URL that isn’t in the list of approved URLs.

Gig: I will teach you turkish via video lessons
In the gig description:
“your language couch” could be “your language coach”

Gig: I will teach you english by videos
The gig image says “grammer” instead of “grammar”.

In the profile:
“i would like to” could be “I would like to”
“i am working with” could be “I am working with”


@nextstepz If you want help you just need to create your own topic.

Asking for help in someone else’s topic is not allowed on the forum.

Ah my bad, sorry didnt know that.


Wow you are medicine for me :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:thanks a lot

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No problem dont worry

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Yup so the OP here even said she didnt mind, you got my comment hidden, I created a new post and noone even replies. Fantastic.

Wow, you are amazing guy. Thanks to your experience.

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Off topic posts will be flagged by the “community”.

As I read it your new post which I advised you to create in line with the forum rules has received replies including one very detailed reply.

We all have to abide by the forum rules.


Rate my gig under a rate my gig is off topic? Anyway, all good now regardless. Cheers.

It is off topic when you hijack someone else’s topic to ask for help for your gig.

It is not off topic when you create your own topic to ask for help.

Here are the: Community Standards & Forum Rules - 2020 for your future reference.

Section 1. When starting a new discussion, please check that you aren’t duplicating an existing discussion thread or creating one that is very similar. These will be removed.

So yeah, I read that, thought I was doing the right thing, clearly not. lol.

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