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I dont understand why l can't have the money that my customer offers

Hi there Fiverrs,I had an order here and I delivered. It was for 5$ but I have 4 in my budget. And now I have another order for 10$ but it seems 8$:roll_eyes: What is that :roll_eyes::roll_eyes:


You work, they pay you.
But the question is … who pays Fiverr for existing?


Fiverr takes 20% commission from every order, so your figures are correct.

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Aha! And how can l have my money for cheaper prize? If I use bank account it asks for 3$ :thinking:

Sorry - I have no idea what you mean.

I have money in my budget and if I want to have it via my bank account Fiverr says u must pay 3 dollars.

That’s a different issue - Payoneer etc. perhaps?

The $3 is the fee to transfer to your bank account. I would recommend allowing your money to build up before withdrawing to bank to avoid paying $3 each time.

When ever you make a sale from Fiverr, you will 80% of your earnings after it has cleared. 7 Days I believe.


I think this should be helpful. :ok_hand:

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I got it,thank you so much :blush:

I am also going to check this. Thank you :blush:

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Thank you all for your useful comments :blush: Good luck with your gigs​:vulcan_salute:

My condition is more worst than your so be happy. :grinning::grinning::grinning::grinning::grinning::grinning:

In my country if i buy $5 I paid 700+ taka But when I earn $5 I find only 300 taka other 400 taka cut off for service charge and vat and tax